National Open Youth Orchestra (NOYO) Open Rehearsals

Come watch a National Open Youth Orchestra rehearsal at the Bristol NOYO Centre, ahead of applications opening 1-31 March 2023.

NOYO is for talented 11-25 year-old disabled and non-disabled musicians interested in developing their skills as members of a creative, pioneering inclusive orchestra. NOYO musicians play acoustic and electronic instruments and perform in high-profile concerts. There’s no need to read music or to have taken graded exams to join, and it is free.

Meet the musicians and music leaders of the Bristol group in a relaxed environment and accessible venue: Bristol NOYO Centre, Saturday 11 February and Saturday 11 March – Beacon Music Centre, BS10 5SJ, in partnership with Bristol Beacon.

Visit the website to find out more and register!

Image: Evan Dawson

Image: Paul Underhill

Image: Jon Furley