Actiontrack release their 19th On the Record Album!

On the 1st of June 2023 Actiontrack released On The Record 19 into the world!
Each day they will be sharing a little bit about each track, featuring the musicians involved on their Facebook account.
An instrumental piece, Face to Face, written by Emily Palmer was the first to open the 19th On The Record Album. Emily responded to the theme of faces by creating an instrumental piece featuring instruments battling it out face to face. Meredith also features on this track playing guitar and bass.
What is On The Record?
On The Record is a community music project, taking place in Somerset, where young musicians are invited to come work on an album by contributing a unique track. The participants choose a theme and then work together to create a full album exploding with different genres and fresh tracks.
This is the 19th record in the project and Actiontrack are open for On The Record 20 enquiries!
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Listen Here!