• Somerset Performing Arts Library – extensive collection of music and drama sets, scores and scripts available to borrow through the Somerset library service.
  • Instrument hire with Somerset Music is now available at competitive rates to all children and young people learning an instrument in Somerset. Instrument Repair is also available.
  • Somerset Online Music –  eLearning platform with lesson and course building tools that have been discussed and designed in conjunction with Somerset Music , together with interactive resources across a range of areas.
  • Sheet music provided by Somerset Music
  • Charanga Music – Contemporary digital resources for music teachers and school
  • BBC Ten Pieces -opening up the world of classical music to the next generation.
  • SingUp – resources and ideas to make signing part of every child’s learning
  • Trinity College London From videos and audio to handouts and booklets, and much more in between, our range of resources provide musicians, students and teachers with support with their music-making and exam preparation.