We are delighted to inform you that we have booked Mark De-Lisser to deliver the G&T programme in 2019/20. Mark recently lead the choir in the BBC’s acclaimed ‘Our Dementia Choir’ with Line of Duty’s Vicky McClure.

Mark will work with a group of G&T pupils in a daytime workshop, visiting 3 schools a day, with 2-3 schools attending each workshop, a max of 15 pupils per school. This will culminate in a performance for all schools involved, we will hold two performances in different parts of the county. Resources will be sent to schools in advance so you are able to commence learning the songs prior to the workshop.

This will take place w/c 27th January, performance venues TBC. The cost to partake is £25 per school.

A heavily subsided Sing Up membership is available of only £55 for a ‘small’ membership or £200 for a ‘large’ membership.

We only share your contact info with Sing Up in order for you to access the resource.

This offer is in addition to the offer to take part in the Somerset Schools Singing Festival which takes place in July, to which you will still be invited. There are also many other singing opportunities which you can access for your students including; performing in an Opera alongside a professional Opera Company and bespoke CPD. Please register your interest at somersetmusic@somerset.gov.uk to receive more information about any of these.

Youth Choir and Show Choir continue to develop and grow, please contact salsop@somerset.gov.uk for further information.

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