Our Funding

Music hubs are funded by a grant from Arts Council England(ACE). £171 million of DfE money has been allocated by ACE nationally from August 2012 – March 2015 and Sound Foundation Somerset was successful with its bid to ACE for approximately £1.7 million across this period and continues to be so.

The Cost

Sound Foundation Somerset’s core offer services provide exceptional value for money. They are supported by the ACE grant and can range from completely free of charge for a full term of whole class instrumental tuition at Key Stage 2 to competitive rates for progression activities, participation in ensembles and accessing singing workshops and events.

Extension and progression activities are chargeable and costs vary depending on the activity but still represent excellent value for money due to the level of Arts Council England Grant supporting the service.

Bursaries and Support for Individuals

Sound Foundation Somerset does not provide financial support to individual children or young people. We do offer reduced fees and occasional free opportunities to children in receipt of free school meals or who are Looked After as part of our wider offer to schools.

For information about grants and bursaries available for children and young people who wish to develop their music studies visit our Useful Links and Resources page