• Thursday , 14 November 2019

Singing Strategy

The Singing Strategy aim for  2018-19 will build on the singing experiences of previous years of leading on the Strategy and to enable both teachers and pupils to progress in their use of singing within schools and abilities/opportunities respectively.


“Singing can improve pupils’ learning, confidence, health and social development.It has the power to change lives and build stronger communities. This is why we are asking hubs to develop singing strategies, in and beyond schools, to ensure that every child sings regularly and that choirs are available. Such strategies will widen singing opportunities for all pupils, drive up quality and give routes for progression such as access to chorister programmes, area/county choirs and the National Youth Choir.” -National Plan for Music, DFE
Each Music Hub across the country has written a Singing Strategy to enable the guidance published in the National Plan for Music to be implemented. Somerset Music is the Lead Partner for the Singing Strategy for Somerset on behalf of Sound Foundation Somerset,  working in partnership with Jackdaws.

It includes:


Sing Up – a partnership with Sing Up to offer a subsidised annual membership to this well-established and comprehensive online vocal resource which has 600+ songs in its song bank as well as many useful teaching aides.


Training and CPD
A CPD session/workshop, the focus dependent on Key Stage, is available for all primary schools and there is an opportunity to buy additional hours of tuition for both Key Stages 1 & 2.


For secondary schools we are offering the opportunity to participate in a Gifted and Talented days


An offer for special schools which includes a FREE CPD session  (please contact Somerset Music on 01823 348262 for further information).


Singing Festivals
A series of Singing Festivals in the summer term


In addition, further vocal pathways are available for students through the County Youth Choir and County Show Choir. The choirs are open to 11-21 year olds and meet on a termly basis. Further information is available from SAlsop@somerset.gov.uk


The Somerset Teachers Rock Choir provides colleagues with the opportunity to experience choir-based rock, gospel, soul and more with like-minded colleagues through a twilight session held in Taunton. Come along and learn new skills to lead contemporary singing in the classroom and inspire staff in your school.


This continues to be an exciting time for singing within the county to raise the profile of vocal work and set a foundation for further work to be built on.


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