• Friday , 22 March 2019

Whole Class Ensemble Teaching (WCET) with Somerset Music

“By 2012 we believe that all primary school pupils who want to will have the opportunity to learn a musical instrument.” 

– Secretary of State for Education & Skills, 2011


Somerset Music delivers music lessons in schools across the county. At KS2 whole class ensemble tuition (WCET) is targeted to Year 4 although mixed classes can be accommodated as can other year groups. This teaching is heavily subsidised by the DfE through the annual music education grant and the hire of instruments is included in the cost providing excellent value for money.


2018/19 sees the introduction of a new 10-week tuition package for all secondary and middle schools in Somerset – this package offers a wide range of options aimed at supporting music teaching and raising academic achievement.


•  enables whole classes to learn a musical instrument together
•  enables the school based staff to learn alongside their classes developing valuable skills
•  is mainly aimed at Year 4 students in Somerset
•  takes place during the school day and lasts 45-60 minutes (based on the number of children in the class)
•  puts the ensemble experience at the heart of learning music
•  means many students are able to learn who may not previously have had the chance
•  has had a positive impact on student attendance, achievement and self confidence


What does it involve?


•a complete musical experience including creative work, listening skills and performance
•a partnership between the school and the music service
•school based staff participation
•a springboard for sustainable instrumental teaching and learning
•a large number of instruments in school (which Somerset Music supply) and a lot of noise!


Somerset Music’s WCET offer is heavily subsidised by funding from the DfE enabling us to offer excellent value for money
What instruments can we learn with Somerset Music?


•Steel Pans
•Music Technology

Contact a member of the Somerset Music team now to find out what is available.


‘Just back from watching BFG class and their brilliant brass skills! They were fabulous and have achieved so much in such a short space of time. Not just learning how to play some really daunting instruments but also learning to read some quite complex musical scores. It was great to hear so many different styles of music and see the journey the children have made’.


‘[The tutor’s] enthusiasm and style of teaching was marvellous and completely infectious, generating rousing applause and cheers from the parents. It was great to watch the children hanging on his every word. He made it enormously fun and completely enjoyable. I wish I had had a music teacher like him when I was 9 years old!’


What Next?


You need Continuation Tuition. This is a Somerset Music initiative and follows on from WCET. If your school has completed a year of WCET your students are offered instrument hire free of charge for the first term of tuition to those taking part in Somerset Music continuation sessions!
You can find out about it here