• Friday , 22 March 2019

Preparing a Role with Phillip Thomas

Jackdaws music education trust are presenting an exciting opportunity for singers of all levels to take part in a three day course with Phillip Thomas working on a role of their choosing.

Through Phillip’s extensive work with singers and opera companies, his knowledge of the repertoire and the demands involved in preparing a full role are unmatched. Bring a role you would like to work on and immerse yourself for this longer weekend, which will be filled with advice on how to start, what to focus on, timescales as well as a closer look at the character and their musical identity.

All courses are held at Jackdaws in the village of Great Elm, a small village to the west of Frome in Somerset, roughly 30 minutes drive from Bath. Frome Train station is roughly 2.5 miles from Jackdaws with direct trains from Bristol, Bath, Cardiff and London.

For more information about the course and booking details, please follow this link