• Tuesday , 23 July 2019

Actiontrack ‘On The Record’ 2017 album released

Here is the seventh album in the On The Record series. ‘Underground’. Young music makers from across Somerset have written, rehearsed, played and recorded all the music you’ll hear on this record.

Interpretation of the title has once again been varied and creative. There are tracks that take the idea literally and others less so. ‘Shelter’ draws on how it must have felt hiding from the blitz and ‘Paddington’ takes on the atmosphere of the London Underground. ‘Echo’ looks at a young boy’s experience of the miner’s strike in the mid-eighties and ‘Caves’ is inspired by the sounds of caves and caverns, ‘Dark’ tells the story of a dark dark deed. Other tracks interpret the theme more metaphorically. Here the theme is used to explore the need to break out from buried anxieties, ‘Roundabout’ and ‘Down’, buried feelings of stagefright, ‘Reflection’, and the surfacing of new love, ‘Sense’.

Click here to listen or download the album, alternatively follow this link to find out more information about Actiontrack and their exciting range of opportunities for young musicians in Somerset.