• Sunday , 19 August 2018

What we do

What We Do

Sound Foundation Somerset like all other music education hubs ensures that every child aged 5 – 18 has the
opportunity to sing and learn a musical instrument and to perform as part of an ensemble or choir.

It also offers opportunities which enable pupils to take their musical interest and talent further through ensembles, both locally and through links with national programmes.

Last academic year we worked with a total of 7000 children and young people in 70% of schools & colleges in Somerset.

For teaching staff, both networking and training opportunities are available for all key stages. We are able to help coordinate creative skills and leadership training to support curriculum and enrichment activity. Training is led by professional artists,musicians and education consultants.

Through our delivery partner SPAEDA, we are able to deliver training and support for national schemes such as Artsmark and Arts Award.

We also run Music Inclusion events that provide a network for the arts and education sectors to share learning and resources that break down barriers to music education.